Meet Us

Our lab is involved in a multitude of activities related to programming languages and computer science education, in Switzerland and beyond. If you'd like to meet us but cannot make it to Lugano, here are some opportunities to catch us.
Date Sort ascending Event Participants Contribution
Nov 15, 2020 SPLASH'20 Doctoral Consortium Matthias Hauswirth Co-chairing the Doctoral Symposium
Aug 3, 2020 GymInf Modul "Programmiersprachenkonzepte" Matthias Hauswirth Module: "Programmiersprachenkonzepte"
Jul 23, 2020 Computer Science in K-12: Book Launch Matthias Hauswirth Presenting Chapter on "Operators and Expressions"
Feb 26, 2020 Mike Barkmin Visit Matthias Hauswirth, Andrea Adamoli Visitor talk: Automatic Evaluation of Tasks for Instantaneous Diagnostics in Computer Science Lessons
Jan 18, 2020 Textbook Writing Retreat Matthias Hauswirth Contribute to textbook
Dec 13, 2019 Textbook Writing Retreat Matthias Hauswirth Contribute to textbook
Nov 22, 2019 SIRA 2019 Conference Matthias Hauswirth Represent USI at general assembly of Swiss Informatics Research Association
Nov 10, 2019 WGLD Nice Meeting Matthias Hauswirth Talk: "Transfer when learning new languages"
Oct 25, 2019 SPLASH-E '19 Igor Moreno Santos, Matthias Hauswirth Talk: "Experiences in Bridging from Functional to Object-Oriented Programming"
Oct 24, 2019 OOPSLA '19 Matthias Hauswirth Talk: "Casting about in the Dark: An Empirical Study of Cast Operations in Java Programs"